månadsarkiv: januari 2015

Steampunk hat tutorial


Hi everyone,

So, I had some requests to show you how I made this steampunk hat and here it comes. I’m sure there are other tutorials out there, but this is how I did.

First here is a drawing where I have written the measurements I used (your circles will hopefully be rounder than the ones in my picture ;)



1. Fold cardstock double and cut a circle, keep a small part uncut so that it opens like a card (this is of course optional, it doesn’t have to be a card).


2. Cut designer paper a little bit smaller than your cardstock circle and glue it on the cardstock bottom.


3. Cut the middle section (see picture), fold the short ends at 3/4” on each side, then cut triangles from the folded parts to make it easier to get a round shape when you bend it.


4. Attach designer paper to the middle section (Don’t use hot glue! I did and that made the papers impossible to bend into a nice looking round shape. The second time I used regular glue and tried to keep it bent in the right shape while the glue dried. :) ) Then glue the short ends of the middle section together to make it a circle (and this is a good time for hot glue)


5. Cut out your top piece, depending on how much of the paper you used to glue the middle section together the size of the top circle can vary a little, but about 3 3/4”. It is better to cut it a little too big and then trim it to fit the middle section circle. Add designer paper when your cardstock circle is the right size.

6. Fold in the top triangular flaps of the middle section and add glue to them (I used regular glue because it doesn’t dry so fast and you can fit the top properly with the middle section). You can put your hand inside the hat and press on the flaps against the top to make sure they are connected to each other.

7. Fold the bottom flaps in a little bit (see picture below), not too much, you want them to stick on your bottom piece and they won’t if they are too far in the middle section. Add glue to the flaps and press the pieces together.


8. Now the hat is finished and it is time to decorate. I used black cardstock, a Swedish design paper called Steampunk light by K-design and the gears are a die from Rox stamps. The edges are distressed and inked with Vintage photo. Have fun!

Enjoy the journey

Tim Holtz har en del riktigt coola textstämplar, jag är väldigt förtjust i den här ”Enjoy the journey” även om det är lite synd att det är på engelska (fast det får man ju nästan räkna med om stämpeln är från Tim HOltz ;). Den är gjord i vitt papper, embossad med en Tim Holtz stämpel som heter Postal och distressad med Vintage photo.